Why are we in lock down? We are in lock down because of covid-19. Covid-19 is a disease that is spreading all  around the world and thousands of people are very ill, dying or dead. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern declared alert level 4 lock down on the 26th of March.This meant school’s closed, businesses  are  closed and only essential services are open. We have been asked to stay at home for four weeks. Staying home mean’s that we can’t  go meet up with friends or go play on the  playground. I feel like a hero because I am helping save lives by staying home.



Sylvie 100WC Week#29

Imagine a house. Easy, isn’t it? Well, what if I told you to imagine a car bursting out of the house’s roof? Now it’s not so easy. But for people in Strange Town, imagining things like this is the most simple thing you can do. Land of the weird. Home of the obscure, eerie and uncanny. Even though you might have thought it strange, it was completely normal to the residents of Strange Town. A car busting through the roof was a normal sight that grey, fateful day in the woods of Strange Town, because that’s when Normal Town came…


Bang, “Ouch!” I screamed. I hit my head on something very hard, something that wasn’t there the night before. I turned my face around to see what I had hit my head on, to my surprise there was a silver white car backed into my room. Who knows how it got there, as my room is in the attic of my family’s cottage. I crept out of bed to see the car from the front porch. So many thoughts started swirling through my head that I felt sick. Such as did the car back itself into our house on purpose.

Rosalie 100WC Icy mountain…

The dream that she dreamt of all her life, had come true at this very day. Staring at the view “Nothing should be missed at this chance of bravery.” she proudly thought.As the air grew thinner and thinner she worked harder and harder and the same with them all. But no matter how much she tried not to think about it, it kept coming in ” Will this adventure end how it should?”. The night was cold but the morning was colder. Her and other people when out suddenly they froze with nothing to say.It was not able to believe it.

molly 100 WC blue, sad, giraffes, snowflakes, coco.

Mum  can we go to the zoo and see the giraffes today. Just before we walked out the door blue snowflakes began to fall I was very sad because we could not go to the zoo any more. I went back inside and had a hot coco, the rest of the day we play games.  I am going to have a early night because if it is a nice day tomorrow I am going to ask my mum if I can go to the pools.  Yay my mum said I can go to the pools, I’ll have lots of fun!