Clay 100wc

How was it that the weakest house in the town was the only one that had survived the Hiroshima bomb?  Was this really the only house still standing?. The building had turned into the town hospital. Me and my friends or what was left of them anyway went to search for more shelter for all the injured people. Lying all over the rubble were bodies, adults and children alike. Blood splattered everywhere, hobbling people covered with it. The scariest sight of our lives. Worse than you could imagine and we all imagine a lot. It was just like a nightmare.

100wc- rose Clarentime

I was standing right there, in the middle of a crowd at the museum. Clarentime behind me with a disappointed look on her face. “Look at that diamond Rose, don’t you want it?” I would not fall into her deep lies this time “NO!” I shouted. My parents turned around with everyone else “What are you shouting at sweety?”Mum said looking upset in her eyes. Clarentime stared again “What about that ancient book?” I spun around and started sprinting toward the exit until I had lost them, away from the lies of how to live life in the wrong way   

Molly 100 WC. peach, lolly, damaged, pink.

Me and my friend were doing a challenge were we eat a peach flavour lolly  and first to finish it wins. I  was on kitkat with the bright pink saddle pad and my friend was on Race with a yellow saddle pad. Then I started raining and the saddles that were outside it was  a bit damaged  but that did not matter, when we finish we put the horses back in the field with kai and disco. we were very  hungry is we went inside and had so thing to eat. After we ate my friend had to go home.

Race cars

“Brooom!” The cars roared into life. Monkey sat in his banana car, waiting for the race to start. He put on his helmet and gripped the steering wheel. “3,2,1 GO!” Shouted the commentator. The cars speed onto the track. Suddenly “CRASH!” Out of nowhere came an explosion. A damaged car was turned upside down. The driver crawled out of the wreck. The mechanics jumped into action. They tried to pull the vehicle on a tow truck but it was too heavy. The driver looked defeated. Monkey went to comfort him as he said goodbye to his broken, bashed and destroyed  car.

toy story 5 Azalier.

One  day after Woody and the gang  were given to Bonny.Woody chose to be a lost toy with Bo peep and her sheep.They had a smart thing and that  smart thing was that they ride in a toy skunk and they always carrying a giant banana with them and they also have a heavy  thing. When they get back and they have this black thing Woody said ‘’ I think it is a lost baby cat. And Woody was right. It was a lost baby cat for 4 years Woody and Bo peep and her sheep and the cat were a family