An ants life Charlize

Owwww! Came the screachy sound from the little ant hospital. There it was, a new born black ant named Jeff. He had got older and older like a normal ant, he was a nice and healthy with no damaged done to him. Jeff moved out when he turned 18. One day Jeff went out to find some food. He walked all the way from Auckland City to Pt Chevalier, and he found a picnic table. He jumped to the top of the table, and took a heavy banana. He broke his back and 2 paramedics came and took him to the hospital…

Ruby1 100wc

Once  there was a banana called Bob. Today  Bob was feeling very angry. He felt like stealing something.  Bob looked around for a car. Next minute Bob had jumped in a car window, Bobs  black mask was helping him stay hidden “What have we found here. ” Bob whiperd. There was a big heavy gem “I think it is a Ruby”he explained. Next thing you know he had taken the gem and took with him.But what he did not realize that had damaged his skin and looked very suspicious. He was getting lots of stares from random people in public.

Hairless rats

Repulsive, rotten, hairless creatures. Known as Hairless rats these animals are not your cute and fluffy type. Unlike other black rats, they have pink  fleshy skin, and nest in a type of fruit called a banana. These rats are surprisingly heavy and weigh 3 kg. They also like living in warm places such as humans houses, and there has been reports of damaged buildings caused by these animals. Even the reporter who went into the building jumped and ran away.  As well as that they can be very venomous and are the size of a  small dog. Never go near one.

Elsha Bryden

I sat in the ally way as I ate my heavy banana, I had stolen moments before. Suddenly I heard the sound of footsteps. It was the man. He had been hunting me down for years.

“I’ll just damage your face even more.” He taunted, but he was distracted. I jumped out towards the black exit. Using all of my energy I ran hard towards the black forest that surrounded the town. From my knowledge I knew that the man doesn’t give up. The forest had been my home for years before my parents got killed, trying to escape slavery.

Clay 100wc

There we were at the biggest jump line in the park. Sitting there on the top of  my not  heavy, black full suspension bike. “Just send It!” my buddies echoed as I pushed off and started down the track. Wind pulled back my damaged clothes, even though I couldn’t feel it through my helmet and googles. The first jump was a table and I did a good old whip over it and lost none of my flow. Then the biggest jump in the park; a gap. It was huge. My banana slipped out of my bag and into the suspension…